Monday, July 26, 2010

Working With My Go! Cutter

This Go! cutter may actually have decent usage after using it today.  I'm not totally enamored with it, but if it keeps working like it has today, I may decide to like it.

I got brave, grabbed my 4.5x12.5 ruler, a fine lined permament pen and very carefully drew lines every 4.5 inches on my 1.5 inch strip die.

I cut out some strip sections on both a pink and brown fat quarter and figured I'd see if this cutter actually worked and if my drawn lines were straight.  You can see the horizontal lines across the die.  To make sure everything was flat, I alternated the excess fabric.  I put the mat over and ran the set through.

Well, what do you know. The dang thing actually works.  I measured them and they are all perfectly cut.

Only 68 more fat quarters to Go!  *snicker*  I couldn't resist being punny.


Quilary said...

I love your persistence in getting this machine to work so well for you and your patience is rewarded with those gorgeous strips. Looking forward to seeing the progress of this quilt.