Sunday, July 25, 2010

Log Cabin Cutting?

I got brave and pulled out my FQs for my log cabin quilt.  I didn't realize there was another row of FQs underneath and about fell over.  The browns/pinks are simply stunning!  I just sat there and petted the fabric in wonderment.  This will make a stunning quilt only if I get the courage to cut the strips.

The Go! cutter would make this easy if I do it right.  I sat down and figured the amounts needed for each FQ.  For example the longest strip size is 3.5 inches but I only need 5 for each of the lights and 6 for each of the darks.  For the dark fabrics the smallest size are 1.5 inch squares at 46 per fat quarter and 66 per light.  

For efficiency and best use of fabric:

Do I rotary cut a 3.5 inch strip, place it on the Go! cutter to get the 1.5 width and after getting my 5/6 lengths, rotary cut down to the 1.5 inch square?  Then cut the next longest strip and keep going?

Or do I just place the fabric on the Go! and cut 1.5 inch strips down the length and then subcut starting with 3.5 and go down to 1.5 inch squares?

I'm thinking just doing the strips and moving down from size to size on each strip might be the best way.

I suppose I could just try each way with a fat quarter and see.

Any ideas?


StitchinByTheLake said...

Bethany I don't have a Go Cutter so I can't advise you but I do love those fabrics - especially the pinks and the way they complement the darker fabrics. blessings, marlene

Trish said...

I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it....