Monday, July 12, 2010

Janome 7700 Horizon Stitches

Hmmm.  I discovered that when I worked through some of the decorative stitches they were off by a huge amount.  The leaves don't align right and the flower and the cathedral windows don't even touch up.

I called up my dealer and asked about this problem.  He wasn't quite sure and went to test their demo machine.  It did the same thing as they've never tested theirs either. all of us with Horizons have our dec stitches not aligning right?

My dealer said there is a simple solution by turning the metal slot in front of the machine with + and - signs.  I had to turn mine 1/4 of the way to the right to get the stitches to align up.  Wow.  Janome really needs to fix that issue on the Horizon.  At least it doesn't take a trip to the dealer to fix it.  The nice part about this feature is that you can manually adjust any stitch to work the way you want it.

I also discovered this neato foot in my Horizon:  The Border Guide Foot
What it does is allow you to align straight designs to be the same width apart.  You can see that on the bottom of the picture.  The designs don't align up because I'm still learning, but they are parallel to each other.  Sweet!  I may find other purposes for this foot as well.


Rhonda said...

This was a great post. Thanks for the info!