Friday, July 30, 2010

Ramblings Of Absolutely Nothing

A post that has nothing to do with quilting.

A rewording of a quote by the book, "Shit My Dad Says" about girlfriends, sums up how DH is feeling about work.  "Let them figure out that they don't want you.  Don't do it for them".  It's been a bad week for him and he's had it with their crap.

"Shit My Dad Says" is a great book and I laughed my way through it.  I need to write something similar about my 70-year-old FIL's religious "episodes".  When he was going on about how the world is ending soon I told him I'd buy him a baseball bat and a lawn chair for the yard.  When it comes, run fast so we can let you in before we lock the door.

He wasn't happy with that response.

The other day he was telling DH that WWE's Nexus group was the embodiement of pure evil and that kids shouldn't be exposed to this evil.  Yet he loves TNA and I know he watched last night's episode that was far more violent than a bunch of wanna-be WWE villians beating up John Cena.  Then you wonder how he knows about the Nexus group if it's so evil.

He comes in a couple of weeks to take the kids to Branson.  That should be interesting since he's out of shape, can't ride any of the rides, sleeps all afternoon and hates the heat.  I wonder how many religous lectures my kids will get every day.  I'll have to bring them back to reality when they get back.

It's hard finding a balance with elderly parents.  You want to respect them, but at the same time, if they are full of it, how much should you take?  I told DH to shoot and bury me in the backyard face down so the world can kiss my a** if I get too hard to handle and need to go into a home.  

I told DH when he dies, I'm putting a "Natural Gas Line, Call Before You Dig" post in front of the grave site.  He didn't think that was funny.


kheli said...

OMG!!! I needed this! ROTFLMAO!!! I, too have had a horrendous week that started with a huge blow up with my parents. I agree with you. I want to respect them, but every conversation now is about what hurts, or what is wrong with the world. Oh, and all my shortcomings and bad decisions. And I am 47, for crying out loud! Have a great weekend!