Thursday, July 01, 2010

Daylight Hours

Apparently adjusting to day hours has been harder than DH and I thought.  Although some of the adjustments are pretty hilarious.

*DH can bring silverware to work now.

*He doesn't have to wait for relief help to go to the bathroom.  He sat there for awhile trying to figure out why the other coworkers were just getting up and going.  I'm still laughing at that.

*The computer passwords for everything are killing him.  He just had to clock in/out and now it's far more complicated.  It doesn't help that not everything has transferred over to Health And Human Services Dept. yet.

*Not needing a uniform.  He's overwhelmed with choosing shirts in the morning as he'd never owned so many before this job.  Just buying shirts was overload for him.

*Daylight.  Our bedroom was the "Batcave" as the windows have been covered up for 8 years.  Now that I have an actual bedroom it's been wonderful.  I just keep thinking the lights are on when I go down the hallway and go to turn them off.

*Not needing permission to make phone calls.  It's so wonderful to talk to him during his lunch break and on the way home.

*He's the only guy there and it's funny as he's now in a female dominated job instead of a male oriented one.  There are things he'll never be able to relate too and he gets a little lost.  However; they are all fascinated that he's worked in a prison and bombard him with questions.  They are all very sweet to him.

*Not being almost squished by sliding metal doors or waiting for them to open/shut.  I'll have to ask him if regular doors confuse him.  LOL.

We are both adjusting but it's getting easier.




StitchinByTheLake said...

This could be the start of a whole new relationship! :) blessings, marlene