Saturday, January 15, 2011

All Fixed

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my last post.

I talked to the Bernina store earlier and they were happy to give me my money back and order one that would fit my machine.  They just needed to figure out which box to order as there are 3 styles.

I also talked the owner of one my LQS about the LED light as she has one on her machine.  You can use Goo-gone and then it's repositionable.  After reading through the crappy pictures again, it does *picture* that.  Someone needs to draw better.  After trying several positions, this seemed to be right for me:

If you decide to buy one, make sure you put it where you want and not what the *picture" says.  They put the drawing in because they want the notch to stick out for easy removal of the light.  You can get it out without having to press down on the notch.

Worst case scenario is get some double sided tape w/foam and use that.  I still think they need to add in another mount.

I also talked to my LQS owner about Quilt Nebraska.  She said it was tons of fun and the registration fees/classes would be coming soon online.  The flyer I got was just announcing that it was coming.  Part of me would just like to drive out by myself so I'm not dependent on someone else's schedule.

Oh.  I do have a small Ott light.  Meh.  It's good for some things and not for others.  It's perfect for a light table.  Just stick it under an acrylic table and there you go.


bettyp said...

Bethany you should go and drive out there alone and if you have to leave you can and not depended on anyone.... thats what I would do .Hope you go and have fun!!