Thursday, January 27, 2011

Linda Franz Made My Templates!

Remember that set of blocks that I wanted to do but making templates would be a giant pain?  I thought maybe Accuquilt might do a die but then realized that even if they did, you'd need the 1/4 inch marks to do the piecing.  That's the biggest disadvantage to the Accuquilt applique die sets.  Then I thought of Linda Franz.

Linda has created Inklingo that allows you to print the templates right off your printer onto the fabric.  You just use freezer paper to stabilize the fabric and run it through.  I emailed her and asked if she could do this.  She said yes and the pattern came out today!  Check out her site.  While I haven't quite figured out how it works (I got the wrong page printed out) it does print on the fabric.  She did an amazing job and once I figure it all out, I'll put that in my BID (Before I Die) pile.  I need to get other things done first.  Linda, THANK YOU so much for doing this.

There are so many creative people out there and I'm grateful for the internet to meet so many of them.