Friday, January 14, 2011

Quilt Nebraska

I'm having anxiety attacks just thinking about it.  DH actually said I could go but he really wants me to travel with other people.  I'll figure that one out as I'm sure I'll find someone.  I'm really excited but have some concerns.

I have no idea how this works so if you've been to a Quilt Nebraska retreat, let me know.  The pamphlet I got said nothing about fees, hotel arrangements, when the classes were (there was a list of people that were teaching) and other essential basics.

My next problem is my back.  Will it take the strain if I do sewing projects?  Can I sit w/o being in agony?  Can I drag around a machine and the other stuff needed?  I have yet to find a carrying case set that actually works for a tall person of 5'10".  

Another problem is my anxiety.  I can't even take a basic class at a LQS w/o leaving because the room is spinning or just hanging in there because I want to learn the technique.  I'll probably need a doc to sedate me before I go.  LOL.  The last thing I want is to hide out in a hotel room because I can't leave.

You could almost put seizures in this category.  Even though I'm seizure free, one is always lurking.

And the last worry is money.  I need to start saving.  The last thing I want is to be broke because I didn't plan it right and everyone else is having fun while I sit there looking pathetic.  Some numbers would be nice.



Lynn said...

I have been to every QuiltNebraska convention except one so can answer any questions you might have. Just email me OK.

I Love it as now it is almost like a family reunion each summer.