Friday, January 07, 2011

Catching Up

Two and a half weeks without my back going into spasms but limiting my sewing is killing me.  Only getting a couple of hours in has made this quilt that much slower to complete.

There are 4 small blocks that make up one block and there are so many pieces to piece that it really takes some time.  It's not hard, just time consuming.

The book has you sew rows instead of the large blocks together so I laid out what the book had set up using six blocks to see if I liked it.  One block is the diagonal ring.  Four diagonal rings make the "wedding" block look.

A great way to "mark" which way the seams are sewn is to take a sticky note, label the row and direction and pin the note to the row:

One thing I love about this quilt is the randomness.  Just grab the letter sizes you need from the bags and sew together.  The only thing that is hard is making sure there the pink rings have the right light to dark to light pattern.

So far I am loving this little Bernina activa for piecing.  Exact 1/4 seams without having to move needle positions and the 5.5 mm makes it that much easier.  I hope to keep enjoying it for years.


bettyp said...

looking good!! It almost sounds like a Bargello quilt .....

Kim Jamieson-Hirst said...

This looks lovely and like quite a bit of time and work! Sorry to hear about your back issues - I can relate and have to finally realize that a visit to the chiropractor will usually fix me up. I hate to give up the quilting time though! :)

Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, that is so nice! I love all those browns. I can't believe you can make that machine behave so well.
As for back pain, take care and don't push it. I have had scoliosis since childhood and people with fine backs have no idea of the possibilities.

Rebecca P said...

Your quilt is going to be so pretty. I just love pink & brown together.
What book is the pattern from? I just love scrappy.