Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update On Quilt

Apparently Bandit likes Aurifil thread.  DH found him sitting behind the sewing machine happily munching away.  He wasn't eating it, just pulling it out from the thread stand with his teeth.  Great.  He chews tape, cardboard and now thread.  He's lucky to be alive after chewing on the corner of DH's prized "Battlestar Galactica" box set.

He's now got some idea that he can go outside.  I accidentally left the door open a crack and he mananged to open the door with his paws and get out.  I watched him do this with fascination since I know animals have a hard time with doors that open toward them.  After a few seconds, I got him and brought him in.

Now he's at the door, howling and trying to get the door open using the handle.  Sigh.  Some female in heat out there that's he's after?  If he gets that heavy door open using his paws to turn the handle I'll eat my shorts.

Here's an updated picture of my quilt:

It hurts too much to use the iron so the blocks are just hanging there.  I've overworked my back the past two days on piecing and going to the store a couple of times for simple groceries and to a couple of quilt stores.  I forgot that bending down to reach bolts of fabric is NOT a good idea.  What I've tried to do is make one pink diagonal oval block and one brown one each day.  Yesterday I got ambitious and did some extra pieces to another set of both main blocks.  See the one pink block and the 3 brown ones?  Those were the extras.

I'm taking it easy and not doing any piecing today.  It's not worth it.  Add in that I slipped (but didn't fall) on some ice yesterday and I'm asking for my back to hurt again.  If it's not the quilting, it's a store and now it will be ice.  I'm doomed.