Friday, January 28, 2011

"My Tweets" Design Process

This whole block has been a mess.  I love it.  Then I hate it.  I like the yellow but then I don't.  There is such a design process with blocks.  It's a narrowing down of choices and if you've ever received an email from me, my quote is:

"I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure." and this block as proved it.

Here are the choices.  If you find one you love, leave me a comment.  I like them all.  Just not sure what I really want.

Played with the block a little more.  I think I like this one even better.

Then I thought I'd just dump out all the yellow to see what happens:

The yellow brings out some color the blue looks more subdued and soft.  Sigh.  It wasn't supposed to be this hard.  The original intent was to make a blue willow style quilt and it got lost from there.  I went back and cut out blue leaves to see if I liked it better:


pirate said...

I'm sure you've done this variation already but ... have you tried keeping the wing color the blue but putting yellow as one of the tail feathers? You could use yellow and medium blue for one colorway and yellow and dark blue as the other colorway. In this manner, you'd be introducing yellow in the bird (as well as keeping yellow in the flower) but not have it as overpowering as if were the wing.
Oh wait .. isn't there a little piece underneath the wing that isn't the body? maybe you could have that underwing part yellow too.

Just some thoughts.

Mommarock said...

I didn't think I would like it with just the blues, but I really do. I love the way that Erin did hers too, of course, but I always have trouble seeing it in other colors.. The all blues is a special treat.. I wouldn't have thought of that.. but I love it!

Linda said...

Oooh, oooh, ooh--I want to go with a little yellow in the underwing as well! I find the yellow as the top wing is just too much. I like the blue flower better than the yellow and blue. There, I haven't helped at all, have I--just more choices!
Lurking Linda

bettyp said...

i like the one on top with the yellow around the flowers!!! I really love this that your doing !!! keep at it !! your doing great!!