Monday, January 03, 2011

I'm A Slacker

I don't do resolutions.  I don't do goals.  All they do is remind me that I'm a slacker and that I'm a darn good one.  But there are some things that do require some effort this year:

1.  Get my back working again.  I've gone almost two weeks without any pain which has been a huge relief.
a. I've had to force myself to only spend a couple of hours sewing instead of all day.
b. I've moved as much stuff as I can up off the floor and easy to reach
c. I downloaded a book that is on back care.  Turns out it's a yoga book.  Meh..not sure I buy the whole yoga concept but at least the stuff in this book wasn't way out there.

2.  Get over this manic high.  I can't believe I bought ANOTHER sewing machine and a BERNINA one at that.  I swore I'd never own a Bernina as I think they overpriced and underwhelming.  DH didn't even stop me which blows my mind completely.  He just said he doesn't want me collecting antique ones.

3.  Possibly sell two machines even though DH said I could keep them.  I'm not really that happy about the Horizon and my Sapphire 870 sits in a box just waiting to be used.

4.  Keep working on the log cabin.  Possibly work on the couple of kits I bought.        

5.  Keep working on organizing the quilting stuff I have.  I've done a lot over the past month and it's not like I have a lot of stuff, they just need to be back friendly and easy to get too.

I think that's about it for now.


bettyp said...

I love my Bernina .Its the only sewing machine I have . Maybe you need to keep one of the extra machine for your daughter.I saw your video and it looks like she would be interested in sewing .... Happy New Year Beth!!

lesliemy said...

I love piecing on the 5.5 mm machines best. I feel like I have more control. I like not having auto tension for the same reason. I LOVE having the knee lift and the foot pedal where you push the back of the pedal with the heel and it raises the needle. I do not miss a cutter because I really didn't like the short tails it leaves. I have an extra foot pedal for your Bernina - I bought a close out of 3 just so I could have one on eBay and I will sell you one if you want it. Just email me. I have 3 Berninas (yes I am a Bernina gal) and one is an Activa 230.