Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DH And I Are Tax Deliquents

Apparently DH and I are tax deliquents.  

According to the Nebraska Dept of Revenue DH and I didn't pay taxes in 2008.  I got a very nasty letter yesterday claiming that if I didn't pay up they'd put a horse head in my bed.  I'd have an extra 25% added to the 5% penalty interest I've been fined.  Or something crazy like that.  Umm... I think the IRS needs regulated even more than the banks/credit card industry.

I roll my eyes for the stupid people who can't do anything right over at the IRS.  I get out the 2008 folder and pull out a copy of the form that was sent to them. By the way, if you gave me a refund then you got the form.  It's that simple.

I think the state of NE is broke and they are backlooking for losers that don't pay their taxes to make up for it.  Don't be surprised if all the states are doing this and you get a nasty letter as well.

DH spent the evening making copies of all the paperwork they wanted to prove that we weren't tax deliquents and I get to send them off today.

Lesson: ALWAYS keep your taxes filed away in PAPER format.  The tax people don't play games even if they are the ones that screwed up.  As long as you have the paper trail, you can make them look like a fool.


Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Looks like your day was as bad as mine. This whole business about a bad economy really has everyone becoming victims in one way or another.

Crafty Maine Mom said...
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Crafty Maine Mom said...

Maine is doing it too. I just got a letter today. The post office and the paper companies are going to make money off this.

ack said...

There are two things that you can count on with the govt. 1:They are filled with morons. 2:They will ALWAYS try to screw you.

That is all


Anonymous said...

Now imagine what it's like to be in the military and have government imbeciles in charge of every paycheck. :7)