Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Gripe Entry

This is a gripe entry.

My bank went bankrupt and another bank took over.  My "old" bank had it so you could transfer money on a Saturday and it was there right away.  No one told me this bank doesn't do this and the money transferred from another account won't show up until Tuesday.   It's a GOOD thing we didn't go to Worlds of Fun like we had planned.

I only found this out when DH took me up to Omaha to get another foot for my machine.  He tried to pay for it and the card was declined.  He tried again and it was declined.  Then the card locked up and nothing would come up.  Sigh.

DH went looking for an ATM machine and was gone for about a half hour.  Meanwhile I'm dealing with a crabby saleswoman that isn't pleased that she's stuck with my kids and I as it's close or past closing time.  I didn't want to be here any more than she wanted me here but she was more huffy about it.

So..are all banks like this?  If you transfer money from your savings to a checking account on a Saturday you are screwed until Monday?  Are they a pain when it comes to balancing your checkbook by doing some kind of a preauthorization code and then a day later or more having the correct amount show up?  Going out to dinner is the worst as it won't acknowledge the tip part until a day later.

If you know of a great bank that is easy to use and lets you have immediate transfers and works in NE, let me know as Great Western Bank is a joke of a bank.  I miss Tier One.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your trouble with the bank. I use a credit union and direct deposit. When the money comes in I pull it out. Not a good idea, I know, but I don't have to deal with all the banking bs. Why should I have to pay a fee to get my own money? It takes forever for them to get or transfer my money, with a fee, of course, but if it "looks" like I don't have sufficient funds, they can bounce and fee you to death in a matter of minutes!