Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Picked Up A New Book

While waiting for the new tires to show at the dealer, DH and I headed up into Lincoln to go to Best Buy and to JoAnn Fabrics.  Best Buy has a Steelbook case for "Beauty And The Beast" that we wanted.  DH and I have all the ones made for Disney up to this point.  Pick up one for yourself if you happen to be in a Best Buy.  They are beautiful cases with wonderful artwork and no man should have be denied shiny metal objects.

I digress..

While in JoAnn Fabrics DH and I wander over to the books.  You all know what is coming.

"Hey!  This is a new book!" as he shows me the book, "Still Stripping" and grins.  "How do you strip when you have to stand still?"

He flips through some more books that have stripping on the title and laughs.  I still think he's convinced there's a secret door somewhere in the store.

To his credit, he did buy me a great book over the weekend called "Machine Embroidery On Difficult Materials" by Deborah Jones.  He's the one that picked it out (probably because he was looking for books that have stripping on the cover) and said it would be perfect for me.  I can't get the picture turned correctly but it's a wonderful book and has tons of information in it.  I love it.  Now to get brave and do some more machine embroidery.  I haven't pulled out the embroidery part of my machine in a year.

I still get amazed at how intuitive DH is about picking out books/fabric when we go into stores.

My back is doing better but I'm not up to piecing right now.  I should probably pull out the Hardanger embroidery and work on that project.


bettyp said...

Haha!! Thats so funny!! Your lucky that he goes in the fabric store with you !! My DH just stays in the car !! I hate being rushed....

SewCalGal said...

Thanks for the recommendation on the book. Looks interesting. I'll definitely try to track down a copy at JoAnns. I love using their coupons to buy books.


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