Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Jack The Seam Ripper

It's design wall Monday, but everything I've done has had to be ripped apart.

I use a rotary cutter to undo seams but an issue of "Quilter's Home" magazine had this featured and happened to find it yesterday while at the dealer.

I tried it for a couple of minutes and proved that you can rip fabric despite the claim saying it won't.  Meh.  I'll just grab another piece and keep attempting to sew this crazy pattern.

It's pretty solid and I *don't* think I could easily break it but found it hard to get the right angle.  You can change the blade when it gets dull with the pack of 5 blades.  That's probably when I'll have to explain to the ER psych ward that I didn't intentionally try to hurt myself.

While there I discovered she had the Viking Ruby.  Sigh.  She's a beauty but at 4200 dollars, it's out of my league since I bought the Horizon in May.  I didn't get to play long but it's my Topaz with a touch screen.  While the Ruby has some really nice bells and whistles, my Topaz gets the job done.