Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Hero Quilts

I went to my first quilt show today!  DH and I went to Nebraska City to see the local guild's show.   DH was really impressed and enjoyed or pretended to enjoy my narrative on different styles of quilts.

DH bought me two of these incredible charm quilt squares after we finished walking around:

I'd never seen them before and fell in love instantly.  I went to the website and realized there were tons of them and I want them all.  They are beautifully designed and so intricate.

Now to the fun part of the show; DH's views on quilts:

"That quilt looks like it was made of sheets" DH says quietly.

"That's a feedsack quilt.  If I remember right, feedsacks had flour or sugar in them and ladies kept them because of the prints.  They then used them for quilts".

"Well, it looks like someone cut up ugly sheets and pieced them together to make it even uglier.  I don't like it."

We pass a T-shirt quilt:

"What's that?" DH asks.

"It's a T-Shirt Quilt.  You cut out the printed part and add a stabilizer to make blocks.  Men love them because they don't have to give up their old ratty shirts to the trash because the Mrs. says they stink."

DH thought that was a great idea and we walked down another row for this conversation:

"I don't see any flying geese in this quilt" as he reads the note "Why would her husband write that there are geese in here?  Is he daft?"

At this point I lose it with laughter and exclaim that he's referring to the name of the block used to make the quilt.

"I still don't see geese in that block".

Out of the blue he asks, "Do they make superhero quilts?  You could make one right?"

"I don't think they make superhero quilts".

"But I bet you could make me one right?" he asks.

Then it hit me as we walked by the T-shirt quilt.  Get a bunch of superhero shirts like the vintage looking ones he has at home and make a T-shirt quilt.  I tell him so and his eyes light up with excitement.  Told you that men love this kind of quilt.

Guess who's making a super hero T-shirt quilt sometime in the future.