Friday, September 24, 2010

A Job Offer And Brown Buttons

I found brown buttons!  DH had the day off and drove me up to a LQS.  I knew she had a zillion buttons and I wanted some brown fabric.  They are gorgeous and perfect for the pugs.  It wasn't the black wasn't working, but pugs have soft brown eyes.

And...I got offered a job from the store owner.  The hard part was telling her I couldn't as I don't have a car during the day.  Even if I had a car, I don't feel safe driving a 40 mile round trip every day.  I can legally drive in the state of NE, but that doesn't mean I always should.

I also learned that the credit card companies charge 5% to the merchant for EACH purchase through the credit card reader.  I'm going back to writing checks or giving cash.      

After I got home I finished up block two.  It's not fused and I need to figure out his left ear, but looks wonderful.  I'm going to attempt to make the pieced block

I have another block done, but not fused.  His left ear needs figured out.