Thursday, September 02, 2010

Two Blocks Done!!!

Yesterday was a disaster.  I kept using my new seam ripper to the point where I wanted to stab my pattern book into small pieces.  I finally broke down and cried for about a half hour.  It's a stupid log cabin block and I've been trying for a week to piece it so it stays square.

About an hour later, a friend of mine stopped by and asked if I could come up with her to the fabric store to look at a kit.  She's never sewn before and wanted my help.  Cool!  I went up with her, took a look at the quilt made with this pattern and gave it the evil death stare.  How dare you flaunt yourself proudly as I'm struggling to get one block done.

I helped my friend pick out a simple kit for us to do and went back to take a better look at the quilt. I wanted to carefully rip apart the seams in revenge.  While inspecting the quilt I realized her blocks were just as bad as mine!  Or mine are just like hers!  She had the same trouble spots as I did but the entire quilt is still stunning!

I asked the store owner about the quilt and she confirmed that the lady who had made had the same problems I had with accuracy.  She did the best she could (and I know she's better than me) and put the quilt together despite the issues.  There is hope!  I went home and started again.  Here's the first 2 blocks of the four that make one block:
If her blocks aren't perfect than mine will work just fine and I'll get this quilt done.  I still need to work out the pink so it goes from light, dark and back to light.

I also got some rulers to help with accuracy.  They are from Creative Grids and have 1/4 lines all the way through the ruler.  I have a one inch wide skinny ruler and a 1/16 skinny ruler that came with the set.  They are really nice and I love them.



Linda said...

Oh I'm in the same boat just with different blocks! Oh the frustration of knowing you should be able to complete them with a fair amount of accuracy, but you can't. I received the same advise. No one else will notice. And in my opinion your blocks are beautiful!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love log cabin quilts but hate log cabin blocks! I cannot keep them square - not ever. I don't sew a good straight quarter inch seam and that's key to those blocks. So, like the lady who's quilt you saw, I just pretend it's right and go on with it. When you quilt it then it's not noticed except by the quilt police and they are not our friends. :) blessings, marlene