Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Murdering My Flying Geese

Why is it I was able to put together this quilt several years ago and can't do a simple star block with flying geese now?

None of these blocks are paper pieced and 99% of the points are perfect.  I love this quilt except for the horrible quilting and binding job I did.  I want to rip it out and do it over.

I have tried all the tricks for the flying geese in the star block.  Nothing works.  This is such a simple block and I should have put out 13 of these within a couple of days.  I barely made two paper pieced ones just today:

I had planned on using Thangles for the half squares and doing the way you get four flying geese with a couple of drawn lines on the four squares and big square.  Or even using one rectangle and sewing on the diagonal with squares.  Paper piecing is murder on fabric usage and I can't bear to waste fabric.

I want to crawl into the stupid hole and never come out..LOL.  

I did trace another pug today, but he's not ready to show yet.

I'm not happy that the Horizon eats triangles even with the single hole engaged.  My Topaz had no issues.

I have a cat someone can borrow while I do this project.  He's a pain as he won't stay out of anything.  He's in your face, sitting/stomping over stuff, knocking things over and trying to stick his paws in the sewing machine.  If I put him in another room he howls and gets into things there.   Is my cat the only one that is such an attention hog you can't get anything done?  


*karendianne. said...

I don't know. Sometimes it's like forgetting your home phone number. Sometimes I can't piece a simple thing that I once could myself. It's like my brain just goes on the fritz, which actually makes sense because I think it does. I try to hang in there because eventually it all comes back. All of a sudden. It's a mystery.

Lynn said...

Do you suppose it is a problem with your fabric? You might try spraying starch or sizing on it and pressing it before you cut.

JenniferB said...

Bethany -- the quilt at the top, the one you did a few years ago -- that is the most beautiful quilt I think I have ever seen! Gorgeous! You are so talented!