Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quilt Shops Are Evil

I got my yearly nanobot upgrade software today.  For those of you who are convinced there's a microchip in your brain, get your yearly software upgrade.  You'll feel better.  I figure the doc screwed up the insertion process at birth since I have epilepsy.  Actually; they can fit a chip inside your brain that regulates your electricity so you can stop seizures.  It's still in testing phase, but pretty cool.  

For those of you who need paranoia translation, I got my flu shot today.  

I was at the LQS today and fell in love with this quilt kit:
The creams/reds/blues are gorgeous and the picture doesn't do the quilt justice.  It's absolutely stunning.  

BTW, Tracy, do you want to skip pugs and give this to your wife for Christmas? I'll machine quilt cream thread pugs on it just for her.  Or I can do it with red/white/blue multicolored thread machine quilted pugs if you like.  

Tracy and his wife Suzanne have been good friends of mine for years.  It's amazing how the internet ties people together and creates strong friendships.  I plan on making a couple of blocks tomorrow and seeing how they look.  Tracy found some wonderful clip art of pugs to use for his quilt and I'll see about appliquing one as well.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Bethany I'm agreeing with you - gorgeous colors! You didn't say but I assume you did bring it home with you, right? :) blessings, marlene