Sunday, September 05, 2010

Finally Getting Some Blocks Done

I replaced my clear patchwork foot today and everything "seamed" to work perfectly!  I accidentally stepped on the foot when "Four Paws" knocked it over a couple of weeks ago and broke off the metal guide.  Bandit is into everything when it comes to sewing and he drives me crazy.

The Creative Grids ruler set with the smaller grids have been amazing!  I now know how innacurate I cut and piece now.  I can't really fix the cutting as I've already cut out the strips, but I can fudge the blocks better.  If you are really struggling with accuracy check out the set so you can figure out where you are making mistakes.

I have two complete block sets done but not sewn up:

It's going to look really great if I don't lose my mind with all the piecing that's required.  My mind is going numb just looking at the blocks.  I guess it's time to stop for the evening.

A word of advice:

If you are a quilting or sewing machine store, you ask for everything you get if you have stupid annoying toys for sale that make noise where my DH and kids can see them.  I have no sympathy for your pathetic creepy stare of death at my family.  Either don't buy the toys or put them up where people can't push the buttons to hear the noises they make.