Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pug Block Two

Here's where the buttons come in.  The hardware store next to the quilt store in the small town I was in didn't have much of a selection but I found some.  My girls opted for googley eyes instead of buttons.

Still have some editing on the side and the top of his head.  I can't get the coloring/shade right to make his front paw work.  I'm wondering if I just need to outline with the dark brown fabric.  Nothing is fused down so if it looks funny, it is.

Bigger buttons, but they aren't glossy.  I think the size is right though.  Oh..forgot he needs a nose.  Tomorrow I'm buying Steam-a-seam since the stuff I have sucks.

Here's a crayon drawing:

The lady at the quilt store did the "ohhhhh...he's soooo cute!" when I showed her the drawing and explained the project.  She couldn't believe it was done with crayon.  Actually drawing it out helps make the pieces more exact when I trace for the wrinkles, nose and eyes.  


StitchinByTheLake said...

He is a doll! I liked the shiny buttons best - they sort of glow like he's alive. :) blessings, marlene

Rhonda said...

He looks great....have you seen this site???
That may help with the paw problem.
Take care.

Nessy said...

your pugs are great.
I like your horse quilt....when a cat quilt???
Congratulations for yours quilts i like they very much.
I new in this world and i like a lot your blog.