Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Pug Breakthrough

After agonizing over this pug quilt ,I gave up yesterday.  Not for good, just my brain needed a massive breakdown.  I overthink everything when it comes to quilting so it's no surprise to have the same issue with this quilt.  It will be gorgeous when it's done.  I promise.

I spent yesterday helping a friend work on her first rag quilt.  Once again, do NOT buy homemade patterns unless you know the person can write patterns.  I'm all for people doing their own patterns but this certain place can't write a pattern to save the store.  As a newbie quilter, had she taken this home and followed their directions she'd have cut the fabric to the wrong sizes and ran out of fabric.  I fixed the directions and started working on it.  We'll get the top sewn and maybe start on the ragging today.

With my brain refreshed this morning, I started working again on the pug quilt.  A big part of the problem is how busy the blocks are.  I have tried block after block in EQ7, but everything was overkill.  I finally went back to what I know: EQ6.  Within a matter of 10 minutes, I had the block I wanted and the colors perfect. No overkill and everything blends in beautifully.  I'll talk to Tracy later this evening to see if it passes inspection.

Here's what I've got for test run:
I still need to fix the pug under the paper fabric printout.  His poor feet and right desperately need fixed..LOL.  The other paper is an outline and the pug on top needs his collar.  None of them have been pressed down.

It's SO nice to finally get this all worked out in my head and in real life.   


ack said...

excellent. couldnt do any better myself. ;)