Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cricut Cutting For "Hearts Desire"

After multiple attempts I got my Cricut to cut out block 2 or 3 (don't remember) of "Hearts Desire".  Make The Cut doesn't work for Mac and I don't have much on my XP side since I only use it for my embroidery/quilting software.  It's an easy program unless your design isn't in the right format and you don't know how to change it.  After going through the forums and some help with PDF files, and 3 or 4 days I was able to cut this out on freezer paper:

There is one mistake and I didn't realize that until I cut it out.  Do you know what I did wrong?  Yes, I know right leaf is missing a part. I need to REVERSE the pattern so it turns out like the above when it's done!  Arghhh!

The Cricut only cuts 12x12 (not really, it's 11 and something inches) and Hearts Desire is a 16x16 inch block.  I'm not sure I want it that big but after doing a 12x12 I think I would lose my mind piecing it.  A 14x14 would be a nice size.

BTW,  Make the Cut no longer works with the Cricut if you are thinking of getting one to do stuff like this as Provo Craft has won the lawsuit.  Your best options would be a cutter from Black Cat like the Lynx or the Cougar or a Gazelle from another company.  I know there are other cutters out there besides these.  Those just are the most popular.  I think I'm good if I don't update the Cricut or the software.


Gari said...

How wonderful to get your cutter to cut all those pieces. I am doing them by hand and it is really a pain, both drawing and cutting. However, I have one #3 ready to applique so maybe I will be able to do the others, too. It took me a while to pick all the fabrics and I am still not sure about one.

Kathie said...

You can also use SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) instead of MTC. Link: http://www.craftedge.com/index.html