Monday, March 07, 2011

My Topaz needs a trip to the dealer for a good cleaning as she keeps eating thread.  I was going to take her today, but the moving company called and I needed to be there to sign papers and make sure everything was taken care of.

I'm not the one moving.  I don't plan on leaving my house until I die or start drooling all over myself.  Then I told DH to just put me out of my misery if that happens.  Sweet man that he is, said he'd take care of me forever.

Back to moving.  My best friend's husband joined the military and she's in Oklahoma right now but her stuff is here and I've been supervising.  For my help, I  was given a box of shotgun rounds two cans of gas/oil mixture for a weedwacker, a fire extinqisher and something else the movers wouldn't take.  It's not like you can dump this stuff in the garbage either.

I figured the person who would know what to do with the shotgun rounds is over at the gun shop.  He said he'd take them and was glad I dropped them off.  He also said you can get some huge fines for dumping them in the garbage.  He wasn't sure where to drop off the oil/gas mixture.  I don't have anything that needs it so I'll have to make a few phone calls to find out how to safely dispose of it all.

I got presents in the mail today!

"Lindy Jr" and "Fleur" came!  I now have "Amelia" and "Lindy Jr" as a set.  

I didn't realize "Fleur" was so little!  She's so sweet looking with her flowers and little details.  She came from  "Glass Dragon Bears" and I love her already.   


Crafty Maine Mom said...

We have this group called Freecycle. It is like recycle but free. Look it up for your area and someone will come and get those items at your house.

rita jean said...

Those are so neat!!! I can definately see why you like them!!