Thursday, March 17, 2011

Woo Hoo!  I figured it out!!!

Thanks to the helpful people at the Cricut and Make The Cut Yahoo! groups and YouTube, I got it to work.  My Cricut does work on MTC as I found out this morning.  I really don't need to invest in another cutter unless I was so angry I refuse to buy any product from Provo Craft and sell off the machine.  While I don't agree with their business ethics, I'm not one to boycott products.  If I wanted to be picky I'd have to buy an 18 inch machine costing me nearly a thousand dollars to do these projects.  I'm not that desperate nor do I have enough quilts to justify it.   

The only thing I need to figure out now is how to cut out blocks larger than 12 inches.  The "My Tweets" blocks are 14 inches finished and "Hearts Desire" finish at 16 inches.  I'm thinking it's a percentage issue to get the right size for the block.  It would just mean several cuts that go through the cutter which is no biggie.

I'll have to ask.  What I can't figure out is Sure Cuts A Lot.  Anything I import comes in at 24 inches wide and something like 37 inches long.  There must be a setting somewhere.  Unless I buy the software, it too will draw lines through the center of my cuts.  I'm sure PC is suing them as well.

Feeling so much better now!