Friday, March 18, 2011

My very wise but brutally honest DH confessed when I was whining over my block that he despised it.  He hated the glaring bright colors and the black background fabric and thought the invisible applique looked cheap and nasty.  "Just toss it out and make a new one with soft colors and NO black.  It makes me sick to look at it" he said bluntly.

Wow.  DH has never hated anything I've ever made before and he's never been this vocal either.

Don't worry Sindy, He LOVES the quilt design itself.  Just not my fabric choices.

I think I'll put this quilt pattern away for awhile until I figure out a decent fabric selection.  I do feel better dumping it for now.

I can get to work on "My Tweets" and maybe start "Hearts Desire" now.