Friday, March 18, 2011

Cutting Fabric With Your Cricut Testing

On to better things..

Since "My Tweets" is done using fusible webbing, I thought I'd use my Cricut and see if it could cut fusible webbing with fabric on top.

My first attempt was to put my fabric on the fusible webbing, tape the edges, press down and go from there.  I chose a simple heart.

It got caught in the fabric and tried to cut it out:

Second attempt was a little better but the cutter didn't go through the fusible webbing:

I had pulled off the back to see if it worked right.

Third attempt.  I'm smarter now right?  Starch it to death so it's stiff.  Done.  Press to fusible webbing.  Done.  Tape in place.  Done.   Move the blade over and down so it doesn't get caught up in the edge of the fabric.  Done.  Push button and...

One perfectly cut heart already to be fused down.

The next test is leaves.  Will the Cricut cut several leaves without getting hung up?  I hope so.  Even if I do have one leave at a time, it sure beats tracing and cutting manually.  Will let you know how it goes.


Barb said...

That is awesome....!!

Kathie said...

Glad to see you gave the fabric cutting a shot!!

JoAnne said...

Are you adjusing the cutting pressure? What pressure setting did you use to get the fabric cut? When I use my Cricut for vellum, for example, I use the lightest pressure. On cardstock, I use a heavier pressure. With a deeper blade, I can even cut chipboard on the "heaviest" pressure. I'm really enjoying your "tests" on using the cricut for applique. Thanks!

Linda said...

Have you tried ironing the fabric to freezer paper to give it a stiff foundation? It might be worth a try.