Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have been busy the past couple of days.  You'd think I'd have played with the Ruby but I've been busy setting up obnoxious software programs.  True to reputation, Viking's "upgrade" to accept the Ruby crashed my 4D Software and the computer wouldn't accept my dongle.  I'd put in each of the the USB ports and I'd get a nasty error message saying it wasn't there.  According to my device manager it's there and working just fine.

I go through the usual routine of checking to see if the dongle light is on, is it just one USB port or all of them?  Surely all of them aren't bad since my printer is working and so is my keyboard.  I finally remembered that I could check the logs and went through them.  It catches the error but doesn't really explain why it's not working.  Just that the computer can't open it.  I give up.  It's not like I use it anway.

So I start playing with "Make The Cut" and use the cricut to cut templates for block three of "Fiesta".  My editing skills suck.  All I want to do is delete one section and then make 4 of the set I need.  I spent some time figuring that out and somehow ended up cutting the middle one twice but templates are made.    The cricut does do a good job of cutting freezer paper.

I realized I wanted my edges turned under for the Fiesta quilt and used this nifty little glue pen from Karen Kay Buckley to glue the fabric to the freezer paper:

It's small so you aren't moving a chunky glue stick and fits perfectly.  The only drawback is that it dries super fast so you either have to work in small amounts or keep putting glue down.  It's not messy and I think it's now one of my favorite tools.

Today I started working on block three:

My only problem is the little pieces that sit above the leaves.  I may have to fuse those.  The cricut cut the inner circle perfectly and it was so easy to paste the fabric in place.

I decided to buy "Make The Cut" and went to copy and paste the registration code only to find out that I can't copy/paste with my Apple keyboard.  Well, maybe there is a way, but I'm too frustrated to google it.  Instead I go up to Radio Shack and buy a keyboard.  While talking with the guy about my USB issues and that I have more cords than my computer allows he said to buy a 4 port hub and see what happens.

I put the USB hub in and place my 4D Extra dongle in and the stupid thing works.  I set my keyboard up, copy/paste and get my official software going.  The past two days haven't been too bad now.



Kathie said...

Copy and paste on a mac...highlight what you want. Hit command+c to cut and then put your cursor where you want and hit command+v to paste.