Monday, March 28, 2011

Design Wall Monday

It's been a fairly busy weekend.  I made a cover for my Cougar.  It's passable and won't ever be in production, but it works.  As long as you don't look to closely, it's all good.  Finished is better than perfect. I just needed something easy to dust and lightweight.

I wish I could say I have some fantastic project done with it, but learning MTC software does have a learning curve.  The only mat available MTC has is with the Cricut and knowing where to place your design has proved difficult.  I did a couple of tutorials and have learned some things, but it's not easy.  You can import your EQ designs into the software for quilt projects and cut them out.  I need to work on stabilizing the fabric.

Last night I did work on my canvas work project:

The cream border is torture to work with and I hate doing it.  It's not easy to follow on the pattern sheet and I find myself lost.

I also worked on satin stitching my "My Tweets" block.  Friday I went to Lincoln to get tear-a-way stabilizer and get some feet from my Topaz.  She's been in the shop for two weeks waiting for a part to come in.  I can't believe out of the three stores nearby, no one carries it.  It has made this project so much easier with my open toe foot and the stabilizer.  I still have leaves to finish up and finish up block number two.

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Chris said...

Such fun projects. The canvas looks nice.

Linda said...

Your satin stitch on the bird looks perfect! Good job!