Thursday, March 17, 2011

Invisible Machine Applique

Quick question.  Does the invisible applique stitch look like this?

I'm using a 60/8 needle, the smallest they come yet all I see are giant holes.  The smallest I can get is a 1.0.

Oh..wait.  I can do a .5.  Is this what it should look like?  That seems like it wouldn't hold very well.  However; the Ruby does a beautiful job.

Here's the screen:

Any input welcome!


Sewing Junkie said...

I have just been through this same thing. I used colored thread to match the applique shape.I think the size of the needle is good, but is it a Universal or a sharp needle. The Universal is a rounded tip and not as small where the sharp will pierce the fabric better. Looks good.Good Luck Chris

Jackie said...

I'm looking forward to reading the responses you get. I'm taking an invisible applique class next month.

onlymehere said...

In the invisible applique class I took we did zig zags bz she said it held better. I use the other stitch when I do regular applique but zig zag with invisible, except I forgot on my turtles so that invisible stitch is this other like you've shown. The turtles will be quilted so I didn't go over it again as I was worried about weakening the batik's they're appliqued to.
P.S. It had been quite while since I'd done applique when I did the turtles so I'd just forgotten to do the zig zag on them! Also make sure you buy the invisible thread that doesn't melt when you iron it.

Linda said...

You might want to shorten your stitch length just a touch. That'll make the stitches closer together and it might make you feel like it'll hold better. Yes, this is what my invisible applique looks like--but with a shorter stitch!
Lurking Linda