Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Working!

I'm number one.  Well, I made a number one via the cricut machine.  I was so excited I knocked the mat over.  LOL.  According to my mom, you are supposed to use the paper load/unload buttons at all times.  I got a number to cut out though!

I called my mom and told her the problem.  She had no clue what I was talking about.  She turned hers on, used a cartridge and her mat worked.  We then figured out that my metal roller isn't turning.  Great.  Leave it to me to buy a broken machine.  I have visions of calling the company and arguing that my machine has died and I didn't do it.

I did a Google search and found out you can reset the machine.  It says nothing about this in my manual.  I do the reset dance (it's not like there's a reset button) turn it back on after 15 minutes and same problem.  Sigh.  I turn it off, turn it back on and it makes this sreeching noise but the rollers are moving!

I put the mat through, hit the 1 button and there you go.  A perfectly made number one.

I think I had better just play with the machine functions for now instead of trying to think I'm more advanced than I am.  This has huge possibilities in the applique world since some of the cartridges have some really nice designs.