Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Fiesta" Templates via Cricut

Oh yeah baby.  Get that paper roller going and "Make-The-Cut" gives me....

"Fiesta" Block 3 partial set of templates!  I used cardstock as a test.  I'll have to cut up some freezer paper so I have actual templates.

I tested out the templates on the outline template.  They run a little small, but fit.  I may have to enlarge it some if I want it truly exact.  THIS ROCKS.


Kathie said...

Now try your fabric with your fusible interfacing attached to it and the cricut set on a sloooow cut speed and it should cut your fabric for you as well. Especially if you use the deep blade housing (from what I've read from various web boards and cutting fabric with the cricut). I cut fabric on my silhouette with the SteamASeam2, a slow speed, and a double cut command.

Kathie said... <---one of the sites that talks about how to cut fabric.

Barb said...

That is awesome!!

rajumadhur said...

I like the way you started "Oh yeah baby. Get that paper roller" and your blog is very innovative and and helpful. cheers

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