Thursday, March 03, 2011

Main Motor Overload

Don't you hate when that happens to your machine?  I wasn't doing anything except satin stitching around a leaf and this pops up on my Topaz screen.  The machine shuts down and refuses to do anything.  The only thing you can do is wait until it cools down.  Probably because it's had enough of satin stitching as well.

I think I'm on Main Motor Overload as well, but the bipolar won't let it go and it's running me into the ground.  I want off this crazy roller coaster of an illness.

I am SICK of satin stitching and I've only worked through two blocks.  I am SICK of leaves and green thead. I am SICK of changing thread colors every few minutes and feeling like I'm getting nowhere on these blocks.  I am SICK over that Mettler only makes small spools of their fine embroidery and silk finish thread.  What I do like is that I have light, medium and dark greens instead of doing it all in one green.  It really does set it off.

My log cabin blocks are a drain on boredom.  I sit there and guiltily look at the two bins full of baggies and wonder if I should just give up.  I'm beginning to hate pink and brown fabric.  Am I allowed to stuff it away for another year?  There are thousands (abt 7000 if I remember right) of brown and pink pieces in those baggies from .75 to 3.5 inch pieces.  

I'm sick of getting through part of a project and then dying of boredom letting it sit for months at a time.  Then I feel guilty every time I think about it.  Any one else do this or is it a bipolar thing?

Fusible webbing despises me.  I have pieces falling off of my "Fiesta" blocks.  

I want to start on Esther's "Heart's Desire" but I can't find fabric that I want.  It would help if I knew what I wanted.  Something luxerious but not overdone or cheap looking.  Every fabric line I've looked at has more "medium" fabric and no contrasting fabric and is in puke colors.  I guess I'll wait until the next block comes out and see if I have a better idea.

Then out of frustration, I went and spent money (DH said it was okay).  I do have a love of teddy bears, but "collecting" in my world means clutter and clutter drives me nuts.  That makes it hard to collect...LOL!  After adding several bears, I need to rethink how to display them before they all fall off the computer shelf.

I picked up "Amelia" yesterday (she's in the pink outfit with goggles) and have her partner, "Lindy Jr" coming soon.  The outfit is so ugly she's kind of cute.  My DD thinks shes adorable and begged for her.  She's got a wooden face and wooden paws.  She's numbered 755 out of 10,000.  

"Sir William" is in the vest (my first boy bear), "Bonnie" is next and then is "Adeline Labearsley" in the hat.  I can't resist hats.

The last two I bought (I have no room for them on the computer desk/bookshelf are "Timperley" in green and it looks like the last one doesn't have a name.  He's made of Boyd's version of Mohair and feels so soft.  My other DD wanted him so badly.  (They don't know that they will probably inherit the ones they want eventually)

I thought it would be really nice to have a true "handmade" bear and went to the Etsy site.  That site is evil in the fact that some of the stuff produced is beyond your belief and some are truly stunning and gorgeous.  I found "Fleur" there and have her coming soon.  Picture will arrive when she gets here.

I wish I had original boxes, but the lady at the hardware store says they just come in one cardboard box and puts them out on the shelf.

Now to convince my bipolar self that I do NOT need to learn how to make teddy bears so I get the look I want.  Can you see me cursing on making a 3-dimensional item?  Yeah.  Me too.