Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cricut Machines

Someone doing the "My Tweets" used her Cricut to cut out the applique shapes for the first block.  She had used 3rd party software to do this as technically you have to use the cartridges.  I almost went out and bought one from Wally World a couple of hours ago but they just had the small size and after talking to my mom, she said to get the Expression.

Ahem..To major companies, IF you would be smart enough to give us the software enabling us creative people to make full usage of your product, 3rd party people wouldn't make so much money off of you.  Even my 3rd party embroidery software does more than my expensive software that I was dumb enough to purchase.  When I checked out Cricut's software it didn't seem to be of much worth either.

Now I get needing cartridges, but we creative people have to use our creativity.  We don't like being limited.  The ability to take any applique pattern and make perfect freezer paper or possibly Mylar templates from the Cricut machine would rock the quilting world.  I despise tracing and I can't cut out shapes to save my life.  Even if you made open cartridges for our creativity, you'd have one up on all the cutting machines out there.

So..if you have a Cricut machine, is it worth investing in?  The Go! Cutter was a huge waste of my money so I'm leary.  Paying a fortune for dies is ridiculous and most of what they have I can do in a matter of minutes with a rotary cutter.  The Cricut dies are to be made for scrapbooking, which is why mom loves hers, but I can see the possibilites with applique work.


Fiesta said...

so far I use the cricut cutter for paper piecing my hexagons.
also, i have made scrolls for quilting designs and perfect circles for applique.
The go cutter has its benefits too with perfect hearts, flowers, etc...

Kathie said...

Take a look at the Silhouette SD. It can actually cut fabric these days. (although I've heard the Cricut can as well) The benefit of the Silhouette is that you don't need dies. You just plug it into your computer and you can use any of your existing fonts and you can import things into it as well to cut (and you can buy shapes from their store as well). AND they have mac software.

Carolyn said...

I love my Accuquit Go and my Studio...to me...worth every penny...I have the cricut also...I have not used it much. I do have a 3rd party software which works ok. I never thought of cutting fabric I will have to try that. I use it for stencils on my wall.

Karla Hartzog said...

Thanks, Bethany. I wonder about a Cricut for applique every time I see the info-mercial. 'Seems awfully expensive, and aggravating as well!