Monday, March 16, 2009

Better Camera And A Wonderful Embroidery Design

I had a friend ask how a design stitched out on the Topaz. Here's the design:

I love this machine.  It stitched out everything perfectly.  I didn't have the purples that were in the design, but the colors I had turned out wonderful.  Question:  Would this work just for a towel, even though it's a one directional design?  My OCD says, but it's one have to flip it and make it even.  I do this with all one directional designs. 

I got a different camera today.  I took the other one back and bought a Canon PowerShot SD790 IS and I LOVE it.  It's all metal and fits perfectly in my hands.  I liked the features and how the photos look.  I took the above picture with it.  I took a quilt with me to Best Buy and took a picture of it with this one.  The guy helping me LOVED the quilt.  Guys don't normally love quilts.  It was my Mariner's Compass quilt with the turquoise, gold and rust fabric.

My son loves the camera too..LOL.  Leave it to a 13-year-old to figure out the settings faster than me.