Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Embroidery Software For The Mac!!

I received a wonderful email yesterday from a lady who told me that there was  embroidery software program for all of us Mac people.  I downloaded it today and after a few user error glitches I have it working!!  Thank you Kathie!

It's called "Convert It" from and so far I love it.  It converts your designs to most formats and lets you see your designs on your computer screen.  Now I don't have to go to XP just to convert a design to VP3. 

Once the design is converted, I can put it on my USB stick and put it into my Topaz 30 (or any embroidery machine)   

It gives a thread list but it didn't say which thread list it was Madeira, Marathon, or something else.  When I talked to the lady, I think I had her a little confused about the threads, but it does work.  Now I can see my embroidery designs!  I haven't tried printing anything out, but it says you can..templates too.   It doesn't edit anything, but I have software on XP that I have for that.

I also learned how to take a snapshot of my screen from the lady I talked too as she wanted to see where I was having problems.  Neato!  I have some uses for this handy trick now.   

Check out the site if you have a Mac and do machine embroidery.  It's a little pricy but worth every penny.  I use it for reference when I'm doing an embroidery design as my Topaz 30 has a black and white screen.  I can just follow the color chart without having to print anything.  It's been a huge timesaver.  


Matthias Arndt said...

As you already purchased MacEmb, this hint comes a bit late, but: StitchBuddy provides two free plugins to view / search designs. The program itself allows color modifications, conversions and simple modifications. It's shareware for USD 25.