Saturday, March 28, 2009

My KAI Scissors Came!

My KAI scissors came today!  The question now becomes are they Bethany proof?  How long will it take before they die in my possession?  If they last longer than 6 mos there may be hope.
So far they are really nice from just a day's usage.  Even the little pair isn't flimsy.

I also started my hand embroidery.  Sigh.  I can't count and when it comes to counting spaces between designs.  I'm almost hopeless.  It took me almost an hour just to get that far with the first star.  Then today I knew I needed to get over 3 squares to do the next star.  I counted and messed up.  I moved the needle over and messed up.  Come on..LOL.  How hard is it to move 3 squares over? 20 minutes later...ARGHH

I finally got smart took some thread and stitched over 3 spaces.  DUH.  It took you THAT long to figure it out??  Now my eyes and brain hurt too much to work on it today. does look really pretty.

Oh!  The construction men got my basement stair railing done!  I love it.  There was just a rickety metal railing on it just waiting for someone to knock it out and fall down the concrete stairs.  
From Quilted with Love
And the wood came in for my front deck.  I'm not sure why they didn't get it all done on Friday but at least I won't fall out my front door now.

From Quilted with Love
Now if it would just warm up enough at night to get the driveway done.  My neighbors have graciously let me park our car on their land as you can't park your vehicles in the street.    

From Quilted with Love
It's going to look so much nicer.  The driveway and the front porch were original from 1962 and were a mess.  


Cathy said...

I would use a light color floss to mark your "spaces" between stitches if that is how you choose to do it. The darker colored floss can leave a mark on your cloth. Use a single strand and only go one way(half stitch). You won't distort the aida cloth and it will be easy to pull them out.

Bethany said...

Thanks! I did do that as I didn't want dark thread and I used one strand to get across. I'm working on the border now. This is getting easier.

Jay in Nebraska said...


I follow your blog since I found it. I too live in Nebraska and I am the person who commented on how great it feels sometimes to not take your meds. I live in Fremont, and we are doing a HeartStrings retreat here in May, its free, and its only one day. The first Saturday in May. If you are interested in coming, let me know. Here is my e-mail

Jay in Nebraska