Monday, March 16, 2009

4D Extra And Importing Fonts

It was great having my family come to visit over the weekend.  My mom loved the table runner.  
I was showing her my embroidery software as she loved the set below of embroidery blocks I had made.  There are 9 blocks in all, but only 2 in the picture.  I said I really needed a font that matched but the company I bought them from wanted 20 dollars for it.  I really needed a bigger size as well.  My editing skills are still really pathetic.

From Blogger Pictures
Then she said she had a cricut? and she could download free fonts off the internet instead of buying the expensive sets the company made.  She had purchased their software and my dad figured out how to download the fonts into it.   I wondered if I could do this with my 4D Extra as I knew it had a font section.  We downloaded a font and and it worked!!  Then we played with the size and the different ways of stitching out the font.  Way cool!!   I can add fonts to my machine embroidery to match the designs.  

I just have the basic Embird program so I don't know if I can download fonts with it.  I love both programs.