Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Quilter's Home" Scissors Article

Was reading through my copy of "Quilter's Home" and was reminded of my lost Dovo scissors.  *Sniff*   He tested out several brands of scissors including Dovo.  *Sigh*  Nothing can replace those scissors.  So sleek, sexy, so sharp, so incredibly wonderful.  They fit perfectly into my hands and have the perfect weight.  *Sniff* 

So why not buy a new pair? Because mine were around 50 dollars and I haven't been able to justify the cost if I lose them again.  The set of Dovo scissors I really want is around 250 dollars.  Hmm.  I do have an anniversary coming up.  Think hubby would go for it?  LOL  

So..I've settled for *ick* Gingher ones.  Everyone says they are wonderful.  I've just never had mine last long.  I've had 3 pair and within the year that I've owned each pair they've been nicked, dented, scratched, and been just plain aggravating.  The first pair on the left has a nick.  The 2nd pair on the left has a "dead zone" where you can't cut.  I have a pair just as large as the one in the middle that had a huge gaping bend in them (not pictured as I couldn't find them).  The larger pair that is in the picture weighs a TON but I like that they are serrated.  The applique ones are awkward and don't fit in my hands very well. (Those were way overpriced even with a 40% discount)  

The 2.99 scissors pictured has lasted a couple of years.  No nicks, dents, and for the most part go through fabric okay.  They are perfect for fusible applique.  The smaller pair were 17 dollars and are perfect for machine embroidery and for cutting close.   

I know, just buy the Dovo scissors and quit whining.  I've just been disappointed with the Gingher brand that everyone raves about.  Even if I've gotten them sharpened they die out.  I have to take them up an hour just to sharpen them.   

I also had a pair of serrated scissors that were about 15 bucks that I can't find.  I think they were designed for rag quilts.  *Sniff*  If I knew the brand, I'd buy them again.  Mark said Clover has a pair of serrated scissors.  I'll have to take a look online to see if I can find them.

Mark also said that the Kai brand scissors ranked high as well.  The question is, Do they last?

Mark; you are evil to remind me of my lost Dovo scissors.  My heart is breaking again but the thought of losing another pair is just as devastating. 


Kristie said...

Good scissors are very important! But I usually can't afford to buy good scissors. I usually end up with the $2 scissors at Walmart. I do have a good pair, not sure what the brand is but I used to work at a sewing factory and we made Levi's jeans. They were the scissors that the company gave us. I have had them for about 17years and they are wonderful.

Jackie said...

Sounds like the Dovo's would be cheaper in the long run!

And you know the'll find them just as soon as you buy a new pair! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have 2 pairs of medium sized Kai and one of them I have had for 5 years with no maintenance. I also have a pair of Clover serrated ones and use them almost daily. I found out at Quilt Festival in Houston that if you have a pair of Gingers that is extra you can send them to the factory and they will micro serrate them. I have some tiny ones that I bought at Festival that are also trouble free and have a life time warranty. Maybe I have just been lucky. I enjoy your blog.

Trish said...

I have been threatening my family for years to keep their hands off my scissors, but it never helps... The good ones either diasappear, or they won't cut in spots because SOMEONE used them on paper... I've given up and only buy the cheap ones now....sigh.