Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've Died And Gone To Scissor Heaven

I have some of the mirror image roses done.   This is the center of the quilt.  I'm sick of piecing roses..LOL.    Even while chain piecing, these blocks take forever.  I still have 16 rose bud blocks to do and the lace edging of at least 100+ pieces.  I'm SO glad I didn't decide to do the queen size quilt.

The scissor thing is still driving me nuts.  Mine work despite the flaws in them hence feeling guilty for wanting some new ones.  I've had to use them to trim down blocks and the "dead zones" aren't helping.  I try to run my stuff into the ground before buying again.  I finally broke down and bought a gift set of Kai scissors to compare to the Gingher.  I'd also like a pair of serrated Clover patchwork scissors but finding them online has been a joke.  The sites that do carry them want outrageous shipping prices.  

*Falls Over Backwards while checking an online site  Ouch* 

 OMGoodness!!!  They have MY FAVORITE PAIR of scissors on this site !!!

I had the craft pair of this brand for ragging but lost them last year.  They were starting to dull after 5 years, but I loved them.  I just couldn't remember the name of the manufacturer.  *Hey!* They have different kinds of scissors!!!  

 Sold.  One pair of Elan 5" applique scissors.  Please.  Please.  Please be as nice as the craft scissors.   I've died and gone to scissor heaven.  I'll still give the Kai scissors a chance.  The set was a good price.