Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another Electronic Orgasm

The first electronic orgasm was my Ipod Touch.  I've wanted a Kindle 2 for the past week or so.  My house is really small and books take up so much space.  My husband's collection of hardback comic books takes up most of it.  LOL.  Men.  They never grow up.  Which for me is a good thing and I don't mind.

Back to the Kindle 2.  My concern is wireless connection.  Or possible lack of it.  And *cough* the price.  After getting a Yahoo! Answer back that I could just use my USB port to transfer books with the Kindle 2, it's more tempting.  Then....  I discovered I could download Kindle for FREE on my Ipod Touch.  Does it work?  You betcha.  I've downloaded a couple of books by err..borrowing someone's wireless internet that my Itouch has found when doing a scan.  Maybe I need to go wireless.  I don't like "borrowing" even if it is for less than 30 seconds. 

 *A couple of hours later after feeling guilty about borrowing someone else's wireless connection--  I followed the signal to a neighbor and said that I was getting wireless internet from her house and if she knew it.  I told her how excited I was to download some books from her service.  She started laughing and said it was okay.  I feel much better but hate to take someone else's connection.  I wish I could just download directly from Amazon right to my Itouch*

You can even get quilting books on Kindle.  Not great ones, but it's nice to know that.  Maybe I should email the companies and beg for them to put quilting books on Kindle.  

Back to more quilting/embroidery related subjects.  I got a box today!!  Woo Hoo!   Wanna see what I got?

From Quilted with Love

Enough bobbin thread to last a lifetime. Total yardage? 20,000. I bought some NEB prewound bobbins as they work too. The only catch is that the Topaz won't know to stop when you run out of thread. If I wind the bobbins on the Topaz bobbins, the machine stops. I love that there isn't a low bobbin sensor where you have to guess how much you have left.

Having real thread color cards is almost essential when doing machine embroidery. The software doesn't always transfer colors right especially if the digitizer uses a different format that you have to convert or a different brand of thread. Embird and 4D extra will convert threads for you. Embird does a better job of it. If you need to order thread, you have the numbers for easy ordering. What I hate is when companies charge outrageous prices for their thread 40 bucks. Forget it.

Anyway, it's been a good day.