Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wireless Quilting

I finally got to Lincoln today as we needed an oil change.    You have to love JoAnn for their 40% off coupons.  I bought a much needed mat.  Those mats should only cost what I paid for it on sale. Put "quilting" on it and you can charge twice as much you know.

I am not a wireless thief anymore.   Hubby stopped off at Best Buy and I bought a wireless router. For those of you that do have wireless, be aware that if you don't have it password protected, anyone walking down your street can pick up your signal.  I don't know if someone more technical than I can hack into your computer, but I'm assuming the threat is real.  If you need to know if your password is secure, borrow someone's 10 year old kid and see.

I have LOVED downloading books for my Ipod Touch.  My local library is awful and anything I want to read needs to be purchased online.  In some ways I'm not saving a whole lot, but the instant access is wonderful.  The free Kindle Application is awesome.  

I also found another Touch application called Stanza that does the same thing but has more books that are free.  They are public domain books and nothing really new, but I found a few books I had always planned on reading but never got around too that I downloaded.

I did download a quilting book called "Quilted Gardens" by Ricky Clark.  It's a history book on quilting and talks about how floral quilts from the 1840-1870s were designed.  Questions the author brought up were, If there were no printed patterns how could quilts from two separate areas look almost alike?  What inspired the designs?  The colors?  Why choose the block settings?

I've loved the book from a historical point of view.  Ladies got their quilting designs from architecture, ladies magazines, their own gardens, from the fabric that was being manufactured, and other sources.  The layouts we use today are the ones these ladies started.    

Having ancestors that crossed the plains, it was easy to see how patterns/quilts were taken with them and used  for other quilts, explaining the similar quilts.  I think we forget that people didn't stay in one place for very long.  At least mine didn't.  Every census, my family is somewhere else.  Even I've lived in several places since I've been married. 

If you like history, check out the book.  While the pictures are wonderful, under Kindle they are black and white even though my Touch can do color.