Monday, March 09, 2009

"Rambling Rose" Block 1 Done

I've gone through 2 rotary blades cutting out this quilt and I'm still not done.  I still have 300 plus more to go!  But I do have the first of 12 rose blocks done!  Now that I know how to put it together it will be a piece of cake.  I'm SO glad I didn't decide to make the larger quilt.  

I'm now going to chain sew the pieces.  Ie, all the 1 and 1a's together so I can get these done.  

From Quilted with Love


Jen said...

What a beautiful quilt block. I can't wait to see your progress.

Kristie said...

Wow! That is beautiful! I just love Pam Bono designs! Can't wait to see more of it!

Gina said...

It's going to be a fabulous quilt

Love and hugs Gina xxx

moramargaritaster said...

what a beautiful quilt block,it`s lovely! I`ll waiting to see the large quilt.

Lynn said...

Pretty Block!