Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rambling Rose Bud And Cross Stitch Designs

I have one rose bud block done.  Woo Hoo!  15 more to go!  I didn't think about the directional print when I bought the background fabric.  I spent most of the afternoon readjusting the cutting directions so that the directional fabric works right.  

My Topaz keeps unthreading through the take-up lever while piecing.  It does fine and then starts hiccuping.  I haven't quite figured out the problem.  My understanding is that it's the thread not sitting in the tension discs right causing this.  I've also heard Viking machines have problems with the take-up levers.  My Sapphire never had a problem, but it's in a box in the basement.  I'd love to have both machines out.  The Sapphire for piecing/quilting and the Topaz for embroidery.  I'd need a new house for that.  LOL.

While doing a google search for Dovo scissors, I came across this site:  Anita Little Stitches
I'm not into hand embroidery as I can't count to save my life or use a needle safely, but I fell in love with her designs.  I just had to buy a kit.    

I bought a set called "Mini Quaker Flowers Collection".  Here's a picture of part of the collection.  I think it's called an emery.  The collection has an emery,  a biscornu, a pincushion, and a scissor fob.  I love that the design looks like a LaMoyne star block and the thread colors are to die for. 

mini quaker emery pdf cover page

I've never done beading but for this project I'm going to try.  I can't wait until the kit arrives. I've only done cross stitch with ada? fabric not linen, so this will be new as well.  

I'll have several boxes coming next week. 


Amelia said...

I can see where directional fabric would not work as well...This will certainly be gorgeous once completed.