Sunday, March 15, 2009

It Can't Be THAT Hard?

Ever tried looking for a digital camera?  Here's how my day went:

Start looking over the cameras.  Geesh.  Is it just me or do all of these look cheap?  If I drop it, I'm so messed up.   The one I have is virtually indestructible.  These are all so small too.  Who came up with pastel pink??  What am I.  10?

I have a Nikon Coolpix 2100 that my mom bought me a few years ago.  It boasts 2.0 effective mega pixels.  Which I guess for the time was pretty good?  Now they are all 8 and up.  Mine has a giant 64 MB Compact Flash card.  Are those obsolete now?

Well, I like my camera so let's check out the Coolpix line.  I want to stay under 200 bucks.  As I start looking around I realize there are 2 kinds of cameras.  Those with AA batteries and those that don't.  Mine takes batteries.  

I pick up a Nikon S220.  Nice screen.  Mine is 3/4 that size..LOL.  Still seems rather flimsy but I know how the camera works.  So, I ask the Best Buy guy.. (like he really knows).  He says it's an okay camera.  He says to get a Canon one.  After debating, I buy the S220.  I know how to use this.

I get home and try it out.  Eww..the flash is so bright it kills everything around it.  Or it makes everything this odd yellow color.  Hmm.  

So..the yellow looking quilt is the S220 and my old camera is the other one.  For some reason it worked today and I hadn't touched anything.  Sigh..of course it works now.  At least for the quilt picture.  The quilt on top is mine, the one below is the S220.

I'm thinking about taking this back.  I like some features, like the nice big screen, but yellow is NOT cool.


Gina said...

White or yellow it's a great quilt.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Trish said...

My daughters gave me a new camera for Christmas this year and it does the same thing with the flash on, so I stopped using the flash and the colour is much better. It also makes the quilting easier to see.

Lynn said...

My Canon A-710 has a place to change for different lighting situations; indoor, indoor florescent, outdoor, sun, shade, etc. Maybe there is a setting you can fiddle with. I can also boost or reduce the flash on my Canon.