Friday, March 13, 2009

Hair Cuts, Construction, And Genealogy

*Nothing quilt related in this post*

It's been a long day but a productive day.  It started last night when I switched over to the XP side of my computer and downloaded genealogy software.  I spent several hours furiously entering names and updating my information.  I found a possible relative and emailed him.  Turns out we are related and he was happy to have the information I have.  He asked if I would look up some names for him as I have record books from the same county his relatives are from.  We are both stuck at the same beginning family.  Sigh.

Sometimes it helps to move forward with names as someone distantly related may know something.  I found a relative that we thought his father or grandfather had died without marrying.  I found him in the 1930 census in California with a son that may still be alive.  I spent a week tracking down the name and found him.  He about fell over backward when I asked for information.  We still keep in touch.

Today we went to Lincoln to celebrate my son's birthday.  He wanted Olive Garden *gag*.  As usual it wasn't that great and I felt sick.  We stopped off at Game Stop so he could get a new game.  The people at Game Stop take FOREVER to go through used games that you have and they don't have a "woman" chair.   I asked hubby if I could get my hair cut as there was a place two stores down.

I chopped it all off.  Well, 3/4 of it.  Umm..90%?  My hair was about halfway between my shoulders and elbows before the pic.  It's now..well...short.  I apologize for the awful picture.  We took several but the graininess wouldn't go a way regardless of what we did.  I hate having photos taken as the lamictal I'm on makes my face red.  A good foundation and sunscreen help, but all that has worn off during the day.  A lot of seizure meds make your skin sensitive to the sun.  Plus I have a dorky smile.  I had jaw surgery when I was in 8th grade and I have lost some feeling on one side.  It's enough to mess with the smile. you know what I look like.

We are doing some renovations to the house in the next week or so.  I spent part of today talking with the contractors and the building inspector.  Building guy says we need escape windows for the basement and that's changed some plans.  I'm assuming my house is going to have cinderblock dust everywhere when they cut into it to put in the windows.  That will be around for months.  I know, because we had a small section of the basement floor cut out so we could add a water pipe in and there is still dust in the basement a year later.

The nice part about living in a small town is that it takes no time to get a building permit and get your lines flagged out in your yard.  I should have it by Tuesday and then the contractors can come demolish a front porch, build a deck and replace the basement windows.  Even the gas company came out and put flags down the yard where the lines are today.  I expect on Monday the water and sewer lines will be marked.

I've  babbled on enough.  I'm wiped.  Tomorrow I plan to do some embroidery or quilting.     


GAIL NH said...

Found your blog while surfing for summer haircut ideas. Yours is way cute! Please post a clearer pic (and maybe one from the side) so I can show my stylist. Enjoyed the fact that you mentioned your brand of sewing machine in your profile. GAIL

Kristie said...

I have always found genealogy very interesting. You can really find out some interesting and fun things while searching.

Your hair looks great. I really need to have my hair cut for Spring.

Jen said...

Bethany, I think at some point you did upload a picture of you and maybe your hubby?? I really, really like your hair cut. It looks really nice and I think this length looks great on you. Geneology is very interesting to me; I've never done it but my Aunt has found out some really interesting information about our family. We found my Great Grandfathers signature on the ledger for Ellis Island. My aunt found out some 'scandalous' (well for the times maybe) stuff out about my grandmothers mother. All we knew was that she abandoned her family and they never saw her again. Well it turns out her parents actually got divorced and the children never knew it. Her mother later re-married and had another six kids! Unfortunately now that we know about it and are all curious; that family wants nothing to do with any questions.