Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rambling Rose Fabric Cutting

Jen..are we still doing the Waun a Quilt?  Cause I have over 300 pieces cut out for my "Rambling Rose" quilt.  I still have several hundred more to go.  LOL.

From Quilted with Love
This is only a small part of it.  Pam Bono does very complicated but easy piecing.  If that makes sense.  Once I get started piecing, it will be much easier.  The secret to quilts with hundreds of pieces is to label them.  Pam does a great job with labeling the pieces.  I just label with paper and a pin the information to the fabric.  The next step is putting the same pieces together and labeling them as "rose" so I don't have go digging through the different fabrics looking for fabric as I go.

It doesn't look like much in the bags, but there are smaller pieces behind the larger ones.  I'm going to need a new mat after this.  And a box of new blades.  

I also marked in my new thread chart all the spools I have.  That will help when I need to buy more thread.