Monday, December 28, 2009

Bills, Bills, And Attila The Bun

I finished up 200 nine patches today! Woo Hoo!

Next time I decide to take the plumber's advice to get the tub caulked, I'LL strip off the old cauking and let him do the rest. He charged me 2 hours of work at 60 dollars an hour. Dang. Wish I could charge 60 bucks an hour. He did a great job. I just didn't know it would come at a premium price. I would have done it myself, but he was already undoing my previous job from a couple of years ago and it wasn't that great.

I feel like telling him that he'll get paid sometime next year since I still have car tags to pay for with this upcoming check. Get in line behind the 300 dollar car tags since NE charges your car as property tax. December is a money sucking month at this house. Think I can get the car tag date changed to another month?

Attila has chewed through my cell phone charger and seems to think nipping everyone is the highlight of her day. DH and the kids are really frustrated with her because of it. I keep telling everyone that she doesn't really like to be held. Just put her down and let her come to you. She's only been here a week and is getting used to things. She isn't biting. Just nippy. She isn't a cat or dog. She's a rabbit. If DH wanted something that would sit in your lap and let you pet it, he should have gotten a cat or a dog.

I figure she might end up being mine despite DH wanting her. She's really a sweetheart. She does flips in the air and loves running in circles around her cardboard box. She runs through the box and pops her head out through the 4 open sides. I haven't figured out any favorite toys yet. I just sit on the floor and let her check me out at her leisure. I get nipped too and have a couple of bruises to prove it.

All things considered she's doing extremely well. She's curious as can be and really loves people. She just doesn't like being held.

I secretly call her Attila when she's being a sweet pain. Her name is really Lacey.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you give Lacey something hard to chew on to keep the long front teeth from getting so long that they can't chew food. That is when they get into trouble chewing on anything. We had a rabbit that ate through the cord to my dryer. AARG. That is when I found out about giving ours a small branch. We found the rabbit really east to potty train to kitty litter also and we even trained it not to eat house plants! They are fun pets.pogi

Rhonda said...

A rabbit that chews through cords...I've never heard of that before....I need to see a picture of this little bunny!!!!